TikTok Super-Glue Lips Challenge Goes Viral, Gets Over 4.5 Million Views

A TikTok in which people super-glue their lips with eyelash adhesive or nail glue to make them look fuller has gone over the internet. The new trend started with user @chloehammock4 when she posted a video of herself putting glue just above her cupid’s bow and then sticking her upper lip up in order for it to appear full, news portal Dazeddigital reported.

Soon, after getting shared on Twitter, netizens left thousands of responses on the same thread. “Omg I tried the eyelash glue thing to make your lips bigger and it worked,” wrote a user. “Being Black and having full lips is a blessing ???? literally everybody wants the looks they clowned us for,” wrote another user.

Since the video was posted couple of days back, it has been viewed more then 4.5 million times and received over three thousand comments. A Twitter user @Y2SHAF wrote: “Imagine you’re talking to someone and your lip falls down by accident.” In 2015, the viral Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge saw teens sticking their lips into small containers and sucking the air out of it to create a vacuum, the report added.


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