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3 Technologies that will Improve our Daily Life in near Future

Technology keeps improving day by day and we are also developing new tools and gadgets that can help humans in every sector. So today we are going to talk about top 3 technologies that will change the .


1- Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

Researches have been working on this technology since very long. But finally they have come with an idea by which you can control the signals from your brain and operate different gadgets. If we take an example of Regina Dugan who is outgoing head of Facebook’s Building 8, also formerly of Google and DARPA, said at the F8 Developer concept in April 2017 that the company is developing a non-invasive sensor that can turn thoughts from the speech center of your brain into text on a computer at 100 words per minute. So, it means in the near future we will be able to type as fast as we could read, and definitely many things will change.

2- Smart Voice Analytics

Imagine if we have any gadget, that can scan our voice and tells about our mood and physical and mental condition. Well there is a good news as in few years, SmartPhones and wearables could soon be equipped with software that is capable of diagnosing mental and physical health conditions spanning from depression to heart disease by listening for biomarkers through the sound of our voice. Researchers are developing new ways to use machine learning for analyzing tens of thousands of vocal characteristics such as pitch, tone, rhythm, rate and volume, to detect patterns associated with medical issues by comparing them against voice samples from healthy people. But there are few challenges which includes collecting huge data and privacy issue.

3- Smart Contact Lenses


You may have seen in so many science-friction movies, where a person operates several things within his vision. Researchers are working on this technology with some big companies like Google, Samsung & Sony and they are developing smart lenses that can help you to do so many tasks which includes capturing photos & videos, tackling and diagnosing disease. And it will also has inbuilt night vision mode. For powering these type of lenses researchers are working a safe resource since nano batteries are not so good for an eye. So, they are looking for some energy source which is for the long term and safe which includes, solar energy and a piezoelectric device that generates energy from eye movement. Researchers also claims that they are currently conducting clinical trials on an injectable and upgradeable auto-focusing bionic lens that could improve 20/20 vision by three times.

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