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As many of you already know, since the last few years the developers of the well-known and most used instant messaging application, of course, I am talking about the have worked very hard to bring the best features to the application. However, now according to the latest reports, the most used instant messaging application, of course, to get these two ultimate new features.

WhatsApp To Get These Two New

One of the next features that the most used and the well-known instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp will help you enjoy a trip or a rest period: the Vacation Mode, which will act as a sort of extension of the function to archive conversations. But this is not the only thing promised: the tool must also have integration with Instagram as well.

Vacation Mode

Today, we have the option to archive a conversation, whether in a group or individually. Just select it and touch the corresponding button. The problem is that the conversation is automatically unarchived when a message arrives. What the all-new Vacation Mode will do is simply keep the conversation archived to you, even with the arrival of more messages.

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You will not receive notifications about this conversation, nor will you see it on your list. To access it, you will either have to enter the archived chat menu or simply disable Vacation Mode in the application settings.


Silent mode on Android

Another WhatsApp news is the Silent Mode for the Android version of the service. What it does is prevent the number of unread messages from in the WhatsApp icon. The function is linked to Vacation Mode, which makes a lot of sense: it will be a problem to archive conversations not to be disrupted, but to know about the new messages by the icon.

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Silent Mode is now available, according to WABetaInfo, what you have to do simply just have the latest version of the app. It is not possible to configure it since it is natively activated.

Linked Accounts

Another feature is the way the Linked Accounts, which allow you to link your WhatsApp to social networking profiles – initially, the function will only integrate with Instagram.

This feature is apparently being developed for WhatsApp for Business, but the home version of the application should also receive it. It is presumed that, with this, it will be possible to use WhatsApp to recover the password of Instagram or another social network that will be compatible.


However, the well-known and most used instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp has not yet confirmed Vacation Mode and the Linked Accounts function. As all these features were revealed by WABetaInfo, a website that makes good predictions about the service.

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Hence, the chances of the new features being released are really big. But yet there’s no have been revealed, as the well-known medium, WABetaInfo only said that they are in development and will soon arrive on WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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