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If you ever contacted support, then you might have heard a question ‘Did you your computer’. In fact, most of us are used to hearing it by now. However, have you ever wondered how a simple could anything? Check out how a simple could fix most of the .

Why Restart Is ? How It Fix Most Of the Problems?

If you ever contacted tech support, then you might have heard a question ‘Did you restart your computer’. Very often we have been told to restart something, be it your PC, television, smartphone, internet mode, or whatever other devices you are using.

In fact, most of us are used to hearing it by now. However, have you ever wondered how a simple restart could fix anything? The solution is so standard that most of us try this solution without giving a second thought. So, what’s exactly a restart does and how it can fix anything?

Well, first of all, let’s talk about a few things that happen when our computer is active. We perform lots of tasks on our computer like opening different softwares, performing tasks like Copy/paste, close application, etc. Similarly, on other gadgets, we also do lots of similar functions.

Let me tell you the interesting thing. Our computer has now become so advanced that one can keep working for several days without turning them off. Different software that we use on our computer uses our computer’s ram. In fact, the Operating system you are using be it the Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, etc. keeps using RAM.

Things stay normal when the operating system remains under the hardware limitation. However, when it exceeds the limits, we can expect frequent crashes, overheating, sluggish performance, BSOD, etc. Such issues are often easily solved by a simple restart.

So, what does the Restart does?

Restarting your device provides you with a clean slate. Usually, the programs which runs on the background leaves behind some trash or junk that’s needed to be cleaned. Sometimes, the applications don’t close properly, and you can’t reopen them. So, when you restart your computer, things get into a clean state, and it makes all those apps fully functional.

Basically, a simple restart dumps the current state of all software and tasks and helps in getting rid of the troublesome code. Not only that but, a simple restart could also fix some hardware or driver malfunction. You might be already aware of the infamous Blue Screen of Death, the scary screen appears when Windows doesn’t know how to deal with the problematic situation, so, it automatically restarts your computer without any prior notification.

The same thing goes for different electronic devices including smartphones, routers, TVs, smartphones, etc. These devices can perform better after a simple restart. So, the next time, you deal with any kind of errors or software problem, make sure to restart your computer.

However, if you are experiencing frequent PC crash and you are forced to restart your computer multiple times in a day, then your computer might need an upgrade. So, what’s your opinion on this? Share your views in the comment box below.


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