Bonelab debuts on VR as a simulation physics action game

Stress Level Zero launches its virtual reality game today, which will be the latest entry in the experimental series.

The maker of the predecessor title, Boneworks returned again with physics-first simulated game and interaction. And it's one of Bonelab's highlights if you can do it differently. The new title is beginning on the Metas Meta Quest 2 headset and other PC VR headsets.

The company said that the first part of the game provides a quick runthrough of basic concepts and combat before entering the main lab environment where the possibilities start. The players can try different levels of playing around. After playing at least three levels, players can solve the crane puzzle and then pass on the third part of the game.

The final level might take a long time and introduce several new concepts. After that, players can keep coming back to physics sandboxes with many unlockable objects.


In Bonelab you have to take out zombies and skeletons creatively.

The layered narrative of Bonelab is in line with Boneworks. As far as VR has come, a newbie may remember the idea of stress levels zero.

Boneworks took out in 2019, originally in 2019. This title earned Gold in 2019, as well as every year since it won.

This is the main building of a sandy complex complex that was originally developed for Boneworks. From adding to the mechanics and polishing them, Bonelab expands to simulate the simulation by bringing seamless transition between avatars and vehicles through advanced physics tuning, said the company.

The basic idea is to explore a mysterious lab that has weapons, enemies, challenges and secrets in mind. You've got to escape your reality and face a prison sentence because you're a kid. You can also explore user-generated levels.

You must find a path down the mountain below the mountains of Mythos. Players will start at the same time encounter a series of challenging experiments and discoveries. Players are required to use multiple weaponry and beams of weapons that, unlike their weapons, are compatible to a player's enemies and to solve puzzles by completing a complete armory. Custom avatar import enables additional player gameplay experimentation by allowing a corresponding stat modification.

Parallelly, future-generation virtual reality gaming devices sell out in volume. Last year, Oculus sold more VR headsets than Xbox. According to the NIDA, revenue in VR units has increased in the past nine years, with the estimated rate of growth at 50 million units by 2026. It's likely to be tougher now that Meta, hit by the increased inflation and parts shortages, lowered the price of the two speakers that converged in the Meta Quest 2 market to 100 dollars in the fall.

Stress Level Zero is supported by the Transcend Fund.

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