Elon Musk Tried to Bring “Mario Kart” to Your Tesla Model 3


Tesla Kart

You know what’s really missing from your $35,000 Tesla Model 3? More video games.

That’s at least what Elon Musk thinks, anyway. In a tweet yesterday, the Tesla CEO revealed that Teslas are about to get an chock full of new features like “romance mode, toilet humor,” and, of course, “more video games.”

In a followup reply, Musk also admitted that Nintendo wouldn’t license the blockbuster “Mario Kart” to Tesla. That’s not surprising, given how cagey Nintendo has been about its own intellectual properties — but it is a shame.


Fun and Games

Playing “Mario Kart” on the Model 3’s 15 inch touchscreen sounds pretty fun. But it would take quite a bit of work on the software front — that is, if Tesla’s board computer is even capable of handling complex 3D animation on the fly. And that’s not to mention the complete lack of a controller.

There are already other ways to play games in a Tesla. So far, Tesla has included easter egg features like “TeslAtari” — an emulator of classic Atari games from 1979 with touchscreen controls — in all of its cars.

Elon Musk Tried to Bring “Mario Kart” to Your Tesla Model 3 1

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