Eyeora new social platform to monetize VR content with metaverse

– a virtual reality company has come up with an innovative social VR platform to empower the masses with metaverse. It's making the virtual cheaper, easier and quicker for anyone to create, share and monetize VR content and experiences.

The platform has been built specifically for non-technical people. It will enable everyone to become VR content creators. They require no technical skills or coding expertise. Users can create, edit and share their own VR continue in just minutes. They can achieve this through the platform's drag and drop functionality to auto-sync multiple camera angles. Users will save time and money on post-production.

Daniel Corazzi, the CEO and Founder of Eyeora, believes there will be a paradigm shift, thanks to the birth of the metaverse, in how consumers and businesses share content, socialize and communicate in more immersive ways. He said Eyeora provides a destination for people to enjoy immersive entertainment experiences and events. It's an easy and affordable way for everyone to create, share and monetize content in the metaverse.

Creators can take advantage of Eyeora's turnkey studio to build, personalize and monetize VR rooms and events through subscriptions and pay-per-view or advertising. Fans can reap the benefits of free and ticketed immersive events, socialize with friends in virtual hangout rooms, and attend corporate training. They can also attend a music festival in the metaverse in the Eyeora hologram stadium.

social virtual space in metaverse

Eyeora outclasses other VR platforms as explorers or fans are always guaranteed a front-row seat and VIP treatment, enabling them to get closer to the music and events they love. Companies and artists are already using the platform.

Users can access the platform through an iOS or Android mobile app, PC desktop, or VR headset. Eyeora is redefining how VR content is created, shared, experienced, and monetized. It's using the power of virtual reality to enhance everyday life.

Furthermore, Eyeora is making the metaverse accessible, affordable, and safe for everyone.

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