HTC and McLaren Deliver a Unique Formula Edition VR Headset

Experiences across spectrum are spreading like never before. Racing fans will welcome the newest one from HTC Vive-McLaren combined effort. Namely, the two companies worked together to deliver unique Vive Pro McLaren Edition headset. Limited, the new headset is created with one thing in mind – to offer the best racing range of experience to date.

We knew it was going to be special when in May the two companies announced partnership. Far from being certain, but when you pair McLaren expertise to a VR device of such hardware capabilities as HTC Vive Pro, nothing short of spectacular is to be expected. The ‘spectacular’ amounts to a unique look & feel to Vive Pro, but also a few exclusive features far racing fans.

By far the most welcoming of these is McLaren Garage VR which pits players as one of the McLaren pit crew and having them participate in a race. Players will learn the trade tricks of tire adjustment and change, or compete with others on tire timing challenge through pit-stop challenge. It’s been brilliant to tap into HTC’s technology and work together closely to create this top-of-the-range headset and VR experience’, McLaren CEO Zak Brown said. ‘Fans can feel like they are in the heart of the action, at a racetrack with a McLaren racing team’. Garage VR is available through Viveport only for Vive Pro VR McLaren Edition.

Another app available on Viveport is RFactor 2, a racing VR game from McLaren. It is a custom version, with some tweaks to enhance the experience on the headset. Speaking of which, Vive Pro VR McLaren Edition comes with a 6-month Viveport subscription. As a whole package, no doubt it will find its place among racing fans. Lando Norris, a driver in McLaren team, agrees: VR is an incredibly exciting technology that brings fans closer to racing than ever before’, he says. ‘The realistic experience provided by the Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition headset can be enjoyed by everyone from casual gamers to professional drivers’.

Reactions from HTC are no less enthusiastic. The tech company that has recently issued a unique challenge to VR developers around hits another Prosyscom Tech mark. And this one might turn out to be a jackpot, given the appeal of racing and that Grand prix is a global phenomenon with more than 500 million fans around the world. ‘Through our (McLaren) collaboration’, Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC China President,’ we’re combining our best-in-class VR headset with their long heritage of racing expertise to create the mot immersive experience for fans around the globe’. It’s a unique opportunity to make the spectator-into-the-action transition.

HTC and McLaren Deliver a Unique Formula Edition VR HeadsetHTC Vive Pro VR McLaren Edition is also HTC’s ticket into engaging racing fans further. Part of the deal is to include the headset as the official one for the McLaren Shadow Project competition. Up until the finals in January, the competitor will use the headset for training. Slowly and methodically, VR is replacing the standard training routines. All the credit in the world to HTC. They are not afraid high-caliber, high-intensity, unique fan-oriented innovation.

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