Jaunt’s New System Makes 3D Capture Easy | Virtual Reality

JauntVR has been around for some time, but some time ago they shifted their business model from one that dealt with the public directly to one that helps other companies succeed in their VR and AR projects.

The company recently showed off some new toys that are going to become part of their Jaunt XR platform. This is the product that they are selling to other businesses who want to make VR or AR content.

It’s a Platform, Dummy

Jaunt XR includes a whole bunch of subcomponents and technologies. It’s cross-platform, brings all sorts of media management and analytics tools to the table and can be configured in a modular way.

As you might expect, Jaunt keeps adding stuff to XR so that it can become an all-in-one product. Their latest acquisition is particularly impressive.

Speaking Volumes

Jaunt have snapped up a product from another company called Personify. The product in question has been dubbed Teleporter and the idea is to a subject in real-time in 3D. This is known as volumetric and uses multiple depth-sensing cameras set around a subject to calculate their volumetric data in real time.

Here’s a demo of the in action. (Video Credit: JauntXR)



It reminds me quite a bit of those janky holograms from Star Wars, with fuzzy edges and all. Still, I’m not going to knock a cool technology in its early stages. The fact that this much volumetric data can be captured in real time is quite astounding.

Capturing Hearts

Obviously this monstrous rig with no fewer than six RealSense cameras isn’t meant to grace your home, but if you have a business who would like to make AR content in a streamlines way then this is very intriguing.

Imagine wearing AR glasses and watching the CEO of a company personally give you a keynote, right there in your living room. There are lots of marketing and entertainment uses the technology could be put to.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until a third-party uses XR and this new Teleporter technology to give us an application we can try for ourselves. My money is on Disney giving us a Star Wars hologram app using AR and teleporter. Did you hear that Disney? If you haven’t thought of it yet, I’ll take my royalty payments in iPhones, thanks very much.

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