Oculus Quest update lets you record yourself in virtual reality

Now is planning to make it easier for users to create content. With the latest v29 software for and Quest 2 headsets, you’ll be able to capture VR gameplay footage and yourself at the same time.

The Live Overlay casting feature will let you superimpose your real-world self over the virtual reality one. You’ll need an Apple iPhone XS or newer iPhone, along with the headset and the latest version of the app in order to get started. Then you’ll need to point the phone’s camera at yourself while playing and then you should be able to capture some pretty interesting footage.

The Live Overlay system essentially shows footage of the user standing in the frame of what they’re seeing in VR. As such, it’s not as impressive as something like Oculus’ Mixed Reality Creator Tool which instead shows the user interacting with the environment but that system requires a lot more hardware (including a green screen) in order to run.

You can also capture your voice via the headset’s built-in microphone while you’re recording your gaming sessions, so you should be able to make some nice clips.

You can find out more about it here. This update is being slowly rolled out so don’t worry if you can’t access it yet.

It’s also worth seeing that Oculus is still working hard on improving hand tracking for developers and users too:

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