Who Needs Reality? ANTVR Tests AR Girlfriend for MIX Glasses | Virtual Tech

Image Copyright: Illusion Soft (Used under Fair Use Rationale)
Image Copyright: Illusion Soft (Used under Fair Use Rationale)

The potential of VR and AR to bring us both entertaining and useful experiences is almost limitless. From exciting adventures in space to learning how to perform life-saving brain surgery, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Then there are the types of experiences that are, well, less pure in their intentions.”VR” video has already been embraced by the porn industry, but not all amorous VR experiences have to be so explicit.

One of the first VR demos we saw for the PS4’s PSVR system was called Summer Lesson. Here you got to spend some quality time with a variety of beautiful virtual ladies, frantically trying to remind yourself that their eyes are up there.

It didn’t take long until the PC VR platform also got something similar. A dating sim called VR Kanojo, which literally means “VR girlfriend” in Japanese. OK, so far, so Japan. What’s the actual news?

Virtual Gals Invade Your House

Thanks to the wonders of the upcoming ANTVR MIX AR glasses “Sakura Yuuhi” might be breaking out of her rendered room and joining you wherever you call home. The company has quite an amazing product on paper, with a 96-degree field of view and a tiny size. The idea of putting one of these in your face and having a cute, interactive Japanese girlfriend hanging about the place will certainly appeal to some people.

Ahem, if this concept give you flashback to the holographic partner in the latest Blade Runner film, you’re not alone. ANTVR’s CEO actually references the movie directly when discussing the tech demo according to VR Focus.

The Lightest Touch

As futuristic as this all is, it’s also the ultimate friend zone when you think about it. We’ve come a long way from those 2D dating sims that are all the rage in Japan,  but until haptic technologies and a few other supporting products become affordable, advanced and mainstream we’ll have to be content with a pretty yet literally thin as air projection.

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