14 Best Web Video Conferencing Software for Small Business

With more and more meetings taking place virtually, conferencing software is more important than ever. There are tons of tools available to facilitate video calls. And many offer unique features like screen sharing, HD video calls, and file sharing. So it's important to learn the options and consider which platforms best suit your team.

But before you can find the best video conferencing solution for your 's needs, you must understand what is offered. Here's an explanation of the video conferencing industry and some of the top options available.

What Are the Benefits of Video Conferencing

Even though video conferencing may have been the only option over recent months, it has numerous benefits compared with traditional meetings. These include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Retaining personal connection
  • Increasing team productivity
  • Increasing collaboration
  • Reducing travel costs
  • Enabling remote work
  • Making it easier to share ideas
  • Saving time
  • Making scheduling meetings easier

The Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business

1. Zoom Meeting

Zoom offers a fully-featured video conferencing solution that has both and premium versions. You can use Zoom for one-on-one meetings, group calls, webinars, and even as a phone communication system. The free plan offers unlimited one-on-one calling and up to 100 participants. But you can enjoy higher participant limits and premium features like recording, social media streaming, and branding with a premium plan.

Additionally, Zoom makes it easy for video conferencing from home with clients or people outside their organization. The platform amassed more than 200 million daily users in 2020. So it's likely that the people you want to meet with are already familiar with the platform. And even if they haven't used it previously, it's easy to download onto a desktop or access via web or mobile app.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a platform for video meetings and web conferencing built specifically for business users. There are various plans available for businesses of various sizes, with pricing starting at $12 per month. The company also provides an array of features to make meetings more productive. These include screen sharing, recording and transcripts, mobile video meetings, and integrations with VoIP systems and professional conferencing equipment.

Additionally, GoToMeeting provides an array of communication solutions outside of its simple video conferencing tools. There are solutions for webinars, employee training, and solutions tailored to specific roles like IT professionals and educators.

3. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting provides web conferencing software perfect for both online video meetings and webinars. The business is known for providing secure video conferencing tools that are protected through encryption. And all of the features of Zoho Meeting are designed with international compliance standards in mind. So this may be one of the best video conferencing options available for those who need to communicate with team members or clients around the world.

The video conferencing solution features options like screen sharing, recording, chat, RSVPs, and monitor controls. And plans start at just $2.50 per month for companies that just need to host meetings. There's also a free plan for those that just need limited features. Additionally, Zoho offers a wide array of other SaaS tools for business users. So you can sign up for services like CRM, project management, and bookkeeping. Then you can access all of those items with one account for a more streamlined experience.

4. Google Meet

Google Meet is a free video conferencing solution that's easy for new and returning users to access. All you need is a G-Suite account to set up a meeting. Then you can send a code to other participants so they can join a call right away. No need to download extra software or navigate a confusing sign-in process. Additionally, since so many people are already familiar with G-Suite tools, it's likely to be a popular option with those inside and outside your company.

Despite being a free tool, Google Meet does provide some interesting features. For example, participants can knock to enter meetings, raise their hands to speak, change video chat background, and even enter breakout rooms. The tool also offers captioning in various languages and dial-in options from multiple countries.

5. Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a popular instant messaging and video calling service from Microsoft. It is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. But you can download it as a standalone platform as well. It's also available as a mobile app on all the major operating systems.

Skype for Business is a simple and easy to use video conferencing service for teams that only need basic functionality. It is available as a free download and can accommodate up to 50 people in a call, with features like screen sharing available. But Microsoft reserves its more advanced features for Microsoft Teams.

6. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings provides a free and fast solution for video conferencing. The free plan offers calls of up to 50 minutes with up to 100 participants. However, there are also premium plans available starting at $13.50 per month. With all plans, users receive easy to use features like screen sharing, recording, transcripts, messaging, and file sharing. Cisco Webex Meetings can even integrate with calendars on Google or Microsoft to make it easy for each user to schedule conferences and receive reminders.

One of the features that makes Cisco Webex Meetings stand out is its ability to integrate with a huge array of other platforms. The video conferencing software solution integrates with Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Box, and so many others. This allows each user to avoid constantly switching between platforms and take advantage of the features they already use with other tools.

8. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is also integrated with Microsoft Office 365. But it provides a wider array of communication and collaboration features than Skype. Users can host video meetings, upload and share files, instant message, and integrate the tool with their calendar and other tools. Basically, Microsoft Teams is meant to be a hub for all of your company's internal communication.

Small businesses can easily set up group or individual threads within Microsoft Teams. Then you can go from chatting to video conferencing with just one click. Microsoft Teams is free for Office 365 users. And there are various plans available depending on the size of your team and type of features needed.

9. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a simple messaging app provided by Google. It was once part of Google+, but has since become a standalone platform. You just need a Google account to sign up. And the platform is free for basic calling. You can chat with up to 100 people or set up a voice or video call with up to 10 people.

Though small teams can certainly use it for meetings, Google Hangouts is designed more with individuals in mind. So many of the features are meant to be fun, like photo sharing, emojis, stickers, and gifs. But there are also useful options like mobile apps and device syncing.

10. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting offers a tool for video conferencing, online meetings, and webinars. Users can access the software without a complicated installation process. And there's even a free version available, which includes basic webinar functionality for 30 days. Paid plans start at $25 per month and include advanced features like breakout rooms, file storage, private chat, and polls and surveys.

ClickMeeting is most popular for webinars and larger client presentations. But the features can also work for smaller team meetings as well. Users can also break up large events into smaller sessions to provide more personalized information to attendees. Additionally, there are specific solutions designed for things like product demos, online courses, and huge online events. So if you have a specific purpose in mind for your video conferencing solution, ClickMeeting could make it easy.

11. BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing solution. It's specifically designed for online learning. But many of the features may also be applicable for businesses. For example, the platform includes real-time audio and video calling, chat, presentation slides, and screen sharing.

Additionally, since BigBlueButton is an open source tool, there's a large community of developers creating integrations and solutions around it. The online conferencing software allows easy customizations and integrations with the tools you already use thanks to a simple API. As such, it may be one of the best options available for developers or those who have the ability to code new solutions or integrations on their own. It's also likely to be helpful for businesses that need tools for training or education, since it's built with teachers and students in mind.

12. Lifesize

Lifesize is a video conferencing solution built with remote collaboration in mind. The solution is known for providing clear HD video and audio meetings thanks to a global cloud network and secure data centers. Lifesize also provides seamless integration with other communication tools. So you can set up a conference room with quality video and audio content while enjoying the functionality and features of other scheduling and collaboration tools.

There is a free plan available for individuals that includes up to 10 participants and native desktop and mobile apps. There are also premium plans available starting at $12.50 that offer a centralized management platform and meetings with hundreds of users.

13. Intermedia AnyMeeting

Intermedia AnyMeeting provides video conferencing platforms for businesses of all sizes. It's available both on desktop and mobile devices and is made to be easy to use. Attendees can even join meetings without downloading extra software. They can either click a link or call in using a conference number and a dedicated pin. Features include screen sharing, integrated audio, and transcripts. There are solutions for both online meetings and webinars.

In addition to the basic features, Intermedia AnyMeeting can also be integrated with other video meeting solutions like Outlook, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. There are also pro features available, including custom branding, meeting notes, and remote control options. There's a free version available. But the pro plan runs for $12.99 per user per month. And you can access a 30-day free trial to try out the premium versions.

14. U Meeting

U Meeting is an online and mobile tool designed for business communication and distance learning. Participants can join from anywhere. And calls can feature up to 200 participants, with up to 12 featured on the screen at a time. Conference rooms are encrypted for added security. And you can even use the tool to host webinars and lectures.

When a host schedules a meeting, they can protect it with a password and then send the link to participants via Outlook or Google Calendar. Then participants can easily join by clicking a link or entering the meeting ID in their browser or U Meeting app.


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