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Didn’t get your fill of Amazon news among the 70 or so announcements at today’s Alexa event? Good news, ’s got something to add to the deluge. The Amazon-owned audiobook site just announced the availability of its Apple app.

The offering brings pretty much what you’d expect. You can listen to audiobooks and manage your directly from the small screen. It’s a pretty logical next step for the service, given the focus Apple has put on smartwatch audio, between last year’s addition of an LTE version of the watch and the recent announcement of a native podcasting app for the platform.

This also goes a ways toward justifying the recent addition of Aaptiv fitness routines, which Audible added a few weeks back. The offering made some sense on the phone, but bringing the course directly to a fitness/health-focused product like the Apple helps complete that vision. Those workout and meditation offerings are free to Audible users through September of next year.

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