Google Adding “Go Tab” to Google Maps App

Last week, Google announced that it is adding a new “Go Tab” to that will make it easier for everyone to access their most visited places. This was introduced as part of the app’s 15th anniversary and it will combine the “Commute” section and other travel-related hotkeys.

Google Maps Go tab feature will help users to get quick access to their frequent destinations.

Users used to see a tab called Commute in the middle of below the Maps. Basically, replacing this Commute option, the new Go tab is placed between the Explore and Save tabs.

Android and iOS users will be able to enjoy this feature.

This new feature helps users to pin their favorite routes and destinations in the Go tab. After that, they will get quick access and information such as traffic jams, time to reach, directions, etc about these places.

Users can also add more than one place such as school/college, hospital, workplace, shopping mall, home, etc in the Go tab if they want.

And every time they can get information about the route or anything before they go to their destination.

Earlier users had to search on the map by typing a new destination every time to know the routes, reach time (bike/car/train/airplane time), traffic updates, etc.

But now this Google Maps Go tab feature has made it easy for all people.

Google LLC developers recently launched a feature called Community Feed. Through which users can view the latest reviews, posts, photos, etc, and like the post of their choice and see the total number of likes.

In that sense, new Google Maps Go tab feature has been brought to make Maps more user-friendly.

To enjoy this feature, you need to download or install the latest version from Play Store. If you are not able to get the feature even after installing the new version, then you have to wait a while.

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