Reading on mobile? You may want to check the back of your skull

No, it's not a joke but we asked ourselves the question as well when we read the original article. An Australian study concludes that the use of smartphones makes a kind of horn grow on the back of their skulls. We explain everything to you.

Researchers at an Australian university suggest this strange theory. According to the Washington Post, they consider that there are “bone peaks caused by the inclination of the head“. The latter “shifts the weight from the spine to the muscles at the back of the head, resulting in bone growth in tendons and ligaments“. In short, a kind of horn just above the neck.

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The use of modern technology (specifically, smartphones and other such devices), would be responsible for this situation. If the idea of the “horn” seems new, studies have been talking about a link between our physique and the use of devices for a long time, with syndromes like “text neck” and “texting thumb”.

Whether the results are true or not, they bring up the thorny subject of the consequences of technology on our bodies. In the spotlight, the impact that waves can have: at the dawn of wave 5G, you have to ask the right questions. In fact, the debate has been going on for a long time, 3G and 4G had raised the first voices against these technologies and the emergence of Electrohypersensitive people, i. e. the waves make people sick, open debates that are still not enough considered because the economic stakes are so high.

What is your point of view on this issue?

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