Smart grocery list rolls out for iOS and Android users

Last week,'s list feature rolled out to Android and all iOS devices, so now everyone can share their shopping lists and have the items conveniently sorted by type and even aisle number.

Why limit yourself to having a house when you could also have a smart list?

When's smart grocery list rolled out three months ago, it was only available to a small handful of iOS users. As of yesterday, the feature became available for all iOS and Android devices. can host a variety of list types, but the grocery list may be one of the smartest on the application. In addition to users being able to collaborate on shared lists,'s “oh-so-smart” algorithm can reorganise the items on your list by category, and even by aisle based on store. can also suggest grocery items based on your previous purchases.

Multiple lists can be made, so you can write one for each store you need to visit, and share them with household members.

Lists from online recipes can easily be copied and pasted into the application, and Alexa lists can also be converted into an grocery list, each one easily reusable if you choose.

If you're an Android or iOS user who doesn't yet have the feature, just update the application to the newest version for a smarter grocery list than you've ever had before.

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