TikTok new tools for creators to filter spammy & offensive comments

TikTok is introducing a new set of tools to help make its community a kinder place. Not only are content creators now able to filter out inappropriate comments, but TikTok will also give warning notifications to any users who attempt to post rude comments.

TikTok Tries for Kindness

In a post on the TikTok Newsroom, the platform said that its “goal is to promote a positive environment where people support and lift each other up.” The platform hopes that its new tools will help “foster kindness” in the TikTok community.

The first feature, Filter all comments, lets users toggle a catch-all comment filter on and off. If a content creator doesn’t want comments with specific keywords appearing on their videos, they can also toggle on the Filter keywords option. Finally, creators can use the Filter spam and offensive comments setting, which serves as a blockade for rude or spammy comments.

Any comment that the filter detects isn’t deleted instantaneously it’s instead transferred to a bin of rejected comments, organized by video. Creators can head to the Review filtered comments page, and then decide whether they want to approve any comments that were filtered out.

To prevent comments from getting filtered in the first place, TikTok is rolling out a popup that appears when someone tries to post an offensive comment. The notification will read: “Would you like to reconsider posting this? This comment contains words that may violate our Community Guidelines.”

If the user still wants to post the rude comment, they can select Post anyway. But if this notification changes their mind, they can select Edit to make their comment kinder.

YouTube and Twitter already launched similar features to combat rude remarks. While Twitter urges users to rethink rude replies to Tweets, YouTube reminds users to keep comments respectful.

In addition, TikTok announced that it’s partnering with the Cyberbullying Research Center (CRC) to help keep TikTok a welcoming environment.

Dr. Sameer Hinduja, the co-director of the CRC, praised TikTok’s new tools, stating that “TikTok’s new Filter All Comments feature and Rethink feature are positive steps to promote kindness and we’re eager to collaborate on further ways to protect against bullying and harassment.”

Can TikTok Combat Its Other Controversies?

TikTok might be working towards combatting bullying, but it doesn’t necessarily resolve its alleged issues with child safety in the EU. The platform was recently criticized by the European Consumer Organization for breaching consumer rights in the EU, to which TikTok responded by forming a European Safety Advisory Council to help with content moderation.

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