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Chieh Huang says that no matter how sharp your team is, you can’t just assume that they’ll handle everything exactly the way you want.

BY Brit Morse – 03 Jul 2018

Boxed CEO: Even Your Top Executives Need Feedback

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Even the smartest, most talented executives need feedback.

That’s the insight Chieh Huang, founder and CEO of Boxed, an e-commerce platform that sells bulk groceries and household products and has raised $132 million in venture capital, credits as his leadership “epiphany.”

In a new Inc. video, Huang relates how he once heard that some of his employees didn’t like the way one of his top executives conducted weekly meetings and spoke to their team. After speaking to that executive, he wondered “Do other executives know what I really feel they’re doing right, or wrong?”

According to Huang, you need to remember that no matter how smart and talented your leadership is, they won’t always handle things exactly the way you want. “Even though we hire smart, awesome, hungry folks, you can’t assume that they’ll know the right decisions to make,” he says. “And you can’t assume that they’ll have a full set of information in which to actually make that decision.”

So what’s the best way to get your leadership back on track? Huang says it’s to continually provide feedback. “As soon as I see anything veer slightly off-course, I will interject,” he says. Even just one minute of your time can make a huge difference.

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