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You’re already thinking it. Just come out and say it. What’s the worst that could happen?

BY Betsy Mikel – 18 Jun 2018

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Whether by luck or by skill (maybe a bit of both), you’ve landed an interview for what could be your dream job.

You’ve just got to convince them to hire you. How do you stand out from all the other candidates as the one who most deserves the offer?

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes.

The candidates who have made it this far are the cream of the crop. The hiring manager isn’t going to waste her time speaking with people who don’t meet the job requirements.

Skills and qualifications are not all she’s after. She wants to hire someone who is enthusiastically excited to take on this role, tackle its challenges, navigate the landmines ahead and bring their best self to work. Someone who really wants the job.

And so, this is what Nick Corcodilos, who’s been a professional recruiter for almost 40 years and runs, says you should do.

Simply tell them you want the job. Seriously. Use those exact words. “I want this job.”

Corcodilos recently gave this advice in a PBS NewsHour Ask the Headhunter column. He says candidates rarely think to say this during an interview. Or, they think it. But don’t want to say it.

People think it’s unprofessional, inappropriate or tacky. Corcodilos believes saying “I want this job” is anything but. “Whether I’m headhunting, conducting workshops, or writing, this is one of the cornerstones of my message,” Corcodilos writes. “I can’t emphasize it enough.”

These magic words are important. You need to make absolutely clear to this potential employer that you’re serious about pursuing a career with them. Employers want to know that you’re ready to make a commitment, Corcodilos says. The best way to make that crystal clear is to just come out and say it.

Really want the job? Why you should say so.

Suzy Welch, the former editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review agrees. She now gives career advice on CNBC and has shared the exact same advice for job seekers.

“Too blunt for you? Too desperate? Do you think it will sound awkward? All legitimate concerns,” Welch acknowledges.

But remember what’s at stake: your dream job. Would you rather the offer went to someone else because you didn’t have the guts to speak up?

Welch actually recommends adding another word to the magic phrase to drive home the message: “I really want this job.” Here’s why:

  • It expresses a refreshing level sincerity — a difficult trait to gauge in a job interview.
  • It shows you’re both confident and humble. You’re not assuming you have the job in the bag.
  • It shows you’re genuinely excited about the position. Job interviews can feel formal and stuffy, so show some excitement!

“Make your case. Give it your all. And somewhere near the end of the process, make sure they know how you really feel,” Welch advises.

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