Byte opens Creator Program ahead of launch


Image: Twitter/@dhof via AFP Relaxnews

Byte, an upcoming short video looping app created by the founder of the late Vine video hosting service, opened a this week for future creators to register for the platform.

Vine fans everywhere mourned the application's demise back in 2016. Many users still hold a place in their hearts for these memorable short videos, keeping YouTube Vine compilations going strong. Social media stars who found their fame through the app found themselves having to turn towards YouTube, Instagram, and the more recently released TikTok, though, for many, none of these media were considered an adequate Vine replacement.

Content creators were the core of Vine, and Vine founder Dom Hofmann is treating them likewise as his new application Byte is nearing its spring 2019 launch. On Thursday, Hofmann announced on Twitter a Byte which future users can register for to give their opinions about the upcoming app.

The Google form asks creators for information about themselves, their social media, and what they're expecting from Byte when it does come out.

Whether or not this app will rise to the level of Vine has yet to be determined; what we do know, though, is that the company wants to ensure its future creators are happy with the product. Whether you have thousands of follows or are just beginning, you, too, can register for the Byte Program.

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