Boyfriend/girlfriend renting service coming to Lazada Malaysia?

So, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you’re single. Your typical Asian relatives are probably going to ask you the same old question – “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” Well, Malaysia might actually have a solution for that. BUT, just so you know, it’s not really an official thing since it’s just a teaser on their Facebook page.


According to the teaser, it seems that many Malaysians customers were jokingly requesting if they could “buy” a partner on its platform. For some reason, Lazada actually listened, made a teaser and hinted that there’s a new promotion for Chinese New Year. If you are aware, the boyfriend/girlfriend rental is a normal occurrence in China where people would bring fake partners to their family gathering. Actually, we aren’t even sure how would this workout in Malaysia (should it happen) or whether if it’s legal or not. Nonetheless, it is an interesting teaser and I’m sure a lot of Malaysians would be pretty happy to skip the ever-annoying question.

But what do you all think? Would you welcome this service with open arms? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more local tech news at Prosyscom Tech News


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