GoGet, a platform for verified part-timers in Malaysia

GoGet, a community platform for part-time help that connects people to part-timers called GoGetters, has won the UNCDF B40 Challenge at MyFinTechWeek 2019, which was held in Kuala Lumpur.

The UNCDF B40 Challenge, organised by Financial Innovation Lab Malaysia and funded by the Metlife Foundation, was aimed at finding solutions that could drive usage of financial services by lower and middle-income groups in Malaysia (or the B40 population) beyond access to bank accounts.

Financial Innovation Lab in Malaysia is in collaboration with UN Capital development Fund (UNCDF), Bank Negara Malaysia and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

GoGet plans to pilot auto-savings and on-demand insurance for gig workers with UNCDF.

The local startup saw the opportunity in the market to serve their workers beyond providing job opportunities but also by helping them utilise their earnings to improve financial well-being.

The firm claims to have impacted more than 10,000 GoGetters to earn with a smartphone. GoGet is in major cities outside Klang Valley, namely Penang and Johor Bahru. All GoGetters are verified and trained before they can start claiming jobs such as being a part-time dispatcher, personal shoppers or even as their part-time promoter for an event.

About 75 per cent of Malaysians find it hard to get RM1,000 for emergencies​. As part of a pilot project, GoGet partnered with Pod, a goal-based savings app, to allow GoGetters to save their earnings that they received from GoGet with a click of a button. With the solution, GoGetters were able to save any amount anytime, track their progress, receive bonuses and out instantly if they need. By utilising the GoGet platform, gig workers were able to surpass the savings statistics of the average Malaysian. Full time GoGetters were capable of saving RM1,000 in just 2 months!

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“​Today, many people who belong to the B40 segment earn on a job by job basis. However, traditional banking and financial products recognise only those with fixed monthly payslips. There is a large portion of Malaysians that don’t have monthly payslips and these people need to be included in our financial economy,” ​said Francesca Chia, Co-founder of GoGet.

“Malaysia is rapidly proving to be a fertile testbed for fintech solutions and products. MDEC is primed and working with key players to refine Malaysia’s unique proposition as a dynamic ideal hub from which Fintech companies will be able to launch and serve different markets. It is wonderful to see the innovative spirit behind these solutions, added  Surina Shukri, CEO of MDEC.

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