Grab Malaysia Ride Cover insurance is coming soon

Grab Malaysia have announced a new insurance deal called Cover. According to their blog page, you only need to pay RM0.35/ride and this will cover an accident during your eligible Grab ride in Malaysia or even if your ride comes late after 15 minutes. So how does this all work? We got it covered.

First, should you get into any car accident in your Grab ride (#touchwood), you will be able to claim up to RM100,00 for death or permanent disability. Medical expenses are also covered up to RM2000 so that’s nice too. Then if your Grab ride comes later than 15 minutes, you will be granted a free RM5 Grab ride voucher and it will be valid for six months. The voucher will come after your ride has been completed.


To get your hands on Ride Cover, you just need to login into your Grab app -> tap on the Insurance button -> Opt-In Now -> and finally, tap “Got It” to finish the purchase. It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience. However, at this time of posting, the Insurance button has yet to make an appearance yet to check it out from time to time.


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