Green Packet to deploy AI thermal scanners at 63 schools in Malaysia

According to The Edge Markets, Green Packet has signed an agreement with United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) to deploy its KipleLive thermal at 63 independent Chinese secondary throughout Malaysia. This will help to provide faster temperature screening once schools are allowed to reopen.

According to KipleLive CEO Ti Lian Seng, the thermal scanners will help school administrators to conduct rapid screening and automate the necessary standard operating procedures to isolate risky individuals in the quickest way possible. He shared that KipleLive utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition technologies coupled with its suite of digital applications.

The deployment will require setting up of AI-enabled facial recognition scanners at strategic points within the school. This would not only scan and record the temperature but also the attendance of each student, teacher, staff administrator or student. The KipleLive app also doubles up as a communications channel for students, parents and teachers.

According to Green Packet, they will install its KipleLive thermal scanners at schools in the Klang Valley starting this week. They expect to complete deployment at all 63 schools in the next two weeks including schools located in Sabah and Sarawak.

Dong Zong CEO Leong Seng Yee said that he is confident that students can return to classrooms soon with the strict standard operating procedure. Apart from installing AI thermal scanners, the schools will introduce additional measures which include sanitising classrooms once every two hours and practising social distancing.

The KipleLive AI thermal scanner solution is also deployed at KLIA and KLIA2, as well as Paradigm Mall, Parliament and several Ministry buildings. KipleLive is formerly known as KipleHome, which is an integrated community solution for residential and commercial buildings.

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