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Some philosophical thoughts for the weekend from Roshan Bhondekar Vice President | International Author |Columnist  | Speaker |Creative Director| Affiliate @fwaindia. See more on his website here.

Taking risks in business. Technically Logical Risk Can Be Undertaken

Organising is the most difficult challenge in organisation . If we talk about ‘what is this Organising ' is all about and ‘why organisation ' required it. Let's try to find out organizing means what?Organising is nothing but individual or outcome of teamwork and it requires lot of dedication and passion to earn it, any or any team can be well in Organising . It's matter of?—?How you are different from others? What are the areas of influence you have? Are you continuously doing something innovative at workplace? What are the values, you have added for organisation ?

If you are able to identify what you did for an organisation is the best answer to understand ‘Organising organisation '. While analyzing ‘Organising organisation '?—?we will get feelings about to become resource.

The mantra is to keep your vision very clear while working with organisation . If you think (Organisation = Family), you may feel the difference in life. I have seen many resources in the industry; those are demotivated and negative about organization. If they have understood the importance of ‘organizing organization', might be result would be different. If we are working for an organization, it means we all are responsible of shaping/unifying/organizing an organisation .So, don't be disappointed?—?While working for organization. Work for it with full of energy/dedication and passion to become good resource for an organization and after some time you will be expert in ‘Organising Organisation'. “Key Players Are Born To Do Different Things – Differently”

To become a key player/resource for an organisation , carrying these below mentioned ten things, which will never fail you….

  1. Your Honesty
  2. Your Integrity
  3. Your sense of humor
  4. Your hard-work
  5. Your attitude
  6. Being a excellent at what you do
  7. Exceeding expectations
  8. Spending less than you earn
  9. Saving as much as possibly you can

Keep learning and keep working, that's the principle of excellence. Learn it and feel the difference while living your life.

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