Indonesia’s co-working space EV Hive is now Cocowork

's largest co-working space Hive, has rebranded itself to become Cocowork.

The name is derived from the words community, collaboration and workspace, which reflects the company's commitment to its core essence as a co-working space.

The rebranding also highlights the company's mission to provide flexible working spaces and a nurturing community for individuals and companies to launch and grow their businesses throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia (SEA).

Cocowork chief executive officer and co-founder Carlson Lau says that the plan to re-brand was initiated earlier this year.

“We believe that this new face and identity will empower us to reach a wider audience. While our company is rooted in the startup ecosystem, we strongly believe that the co-working concept is relevant and beneficial to many other types of businesses in Indonesia.


I am also excited to announce our commitment to provide the same excellent service to a wider audience in Indonesia and SEA.”

He adds that Cocowork will be expanding to eight different locations by the end of this year and has a long-term plan to expand to 100 locations across SEA.

Cocowork now owns co-working spaces in 21 locations in Jakarta and Medan, managing more than 30,000 square meters of space with more than 3,000 members and a team in Yogyakarta, Makassar, and Bandung.

The name Cocowork will be added to and changed in existing co-working spaces. As an example, the co-working space in collaboration with Jenius, ‘Jenius x EV Hive' will become ‘Jenius x EV Hive by Cocowork' and ‘Cocowork @ (location's name)'.

Co-working space not limited to tech startups

Carlson says that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are also joining its co-working networks and sees potential in the co-working space industry to keep growing.

“Now, 30% of our members are from traditional industries such as restaurants. People are getting benefits from this space and it becomes our reason to reach a wider community and enable them to work together.”

Cocowork's commitment to supporting the growth of Indonesia's economy and private sector is reflected in its partnership with the Jakarta Provincial Government through the inception of ‘JSC Hive by Cocowork' and the Gue Startup Jakarta Community (GSJ).

“With the rebranding of EV Hive to Cocowork, we hope that many more Jakartans will use these spaces to build communities and initiate collaboration. The presence of a co-working space is a great start, but a focus in building communities will ensure there are more ideas and solutions that will be beneficial for Jakarta,” said Jakarta Smart City Communication, Information and Statistic Department unit head Setiaji.

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