Malaysia has developed a robot that allows doctors to access patients remotely

A team from the International Islamic University Malaysia (UIA) has a with model MediBot V1-U, and they’re getting it prepared to join the Covid-19 fight.

The team, from Centre for Unmanned Technologies (CUTe) under the university, has made a that can replace the nurses’ shifts by taking care of the patients. Their creation is equipped with an infrared camera that can detect patients’ body temperature, so it can alert the doctors if a patient is showing Covid-19 symptoms. Other than that, there is also a screen on the front of the , which allows the patient to communicate with medical professionals through a webcam.

Furthermore, the MediBot V1-U has the ability to extinguish germs as well with its Ultra-Light C light that can destroy the DNA in germs. If you’re curious about how the robot is being controlled, Internet access and radiofrequency are the answers. Currently, the robot is undergoing tests at a medical center that belongs to UIA located in Kuantan.

It does sound amazing to us that the robot was developed in our country to help with the current situation. With such technology, people who are working in hospitals can cut down their tasks, and even avoid contact with a suspected Covid-19 patient. Other than the robot, we’ve also seen things such as Dyson’s ventilators and MyEG’s Rapid Testing Kit being launched to curb the pandemic. It is no doubt that this is the time that needs us to work together the most. For you, it will be to stay home and stay safe.

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