MoU Between Crypto Valley Malaysia, Blockchain Academy Asia

BitNicx Exchange, the first homegrown peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace in Malaysia founded by local Malaysians, signed a Memorandum of Understanding () with Crypto Malaysia and Blockchain Asia at Borneo 744.

The MoU was signed to establish a mutual working relationship between the parties. Blockchain Academy Asia will provide the relevant awareness and training to local Sarawakians, and Crypto Valley Malaysia will facilitate the movement of industry players and the community in Malaysia. With more use cases and success stories, it will create further high tech skill jobs locally, contributing part to both the state and the country’s economic growth in terms of job creation and gross domestic product.

Present at the event were the founders of BitNicx Exchange, Johnny Bong and Douglas Bong, the CEO of Blockchain Academy Asia (BCAA), Effendy Zulkifly, and the co-founder of Crypto Valley Malaysia (CVM), Koh How Tze. The ceremony was witnessed by the President of the Padawan Municipal Council and Batu Kitang State Assemblyman, YB Lo Khere Chiang.

“This MoU marks another step in reaching out to more people through awareness and education, as this was the first time such MoU is being signed in Borneo. Blockchain and cryptocurrency will become something like email and social media of today in the near future, where they will be part of our daily life,” says Koh Tze How of CVM. Koh further added, “As the community facilitator we will do our part in bridging whatever resources in our ecosystem that is needed to assist local startups to make it to the world stage.”

“Malaysia actually has a lot of potential in the cryptocurrency market as the adoption rate of Cryptocurrency is still very low at the moment. One area for the growth of BitNicx could be in capturing the newcomers market with the help of industry players such as Crypto Valley Malaysia and Blockchain Academy Asia as the industry grows,” says Johnny Bong of BitNicx Exchange.

BitNicx Exchange is set to be Malaysia’s first homegrown peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace founded by local Malaysians. The exchange is founded by Johnny Bong and Douglas Bong of Bong Technology Sdn Bhd. BitNicx Exchange is an escrowed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace where people can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily and safely in Ringgit Malaysia with no capital deposits required.

About BitNicx Exchange

Bitnicx Exchange, is the first homegrown escrowed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia. It is set to launch on 1 March 2019. It is co-founded by Douglas Bong and Johnny Bong of Bong Technology Sdn Bhd. This company offers a platform for users to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies securely and safely in Ringgit Malaysia with no capital deposits required. The company’s vision is to become the largest cryptocurrency platform in Southeast Asia.

About Crypto Valley Malaysia

Crypto Valley Malaysia(CVM), is an independent organization located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. They are on a mission is to build Asia’s leading ecosystem for and cryptographic technologies. CVM is the second Crypto Valley Association in the world after Zug in Switzerland and first Crypto Valley in Asia.

About Blockchain Academy Asia

Blockchain Academy Asia (BCAA), is a global research & development and educational institution established in 2018 with the purpose of educating everyone interested in cryptocurrencies, employees of banks and other financial institutions, professionals of fintech sector on all aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

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