OLX Indonesia reportedly lays off over 100 employees

Indonesia, the Indonesia-based digital marketplace originally from the Netherlands, laid off more than a hundred of its employees.

The startup that was established in 2005 first was rumoured to have let go of its employees when a Twitter user Amelia Damayanti with handle @ameliadmy tweeted out that an Indonesian startup has dismissed around 127 of its employees, Kumparan learned.

The Twitter account mentioned @hrdbacot, an HR-related Twitter handle saying that she was one of the employees being dismissed by an unnamed Indonesian e-commerce.

The seemingly innocent tweet quickly caught fire and many Twitter users that came across the tweet did their own background check and found that the last known employer of the Twitter handle’s owner (@hrdbacot) was OLX Indonesia.

Not long after, the Twitter post was deleted by the owner. In a different tweet, the account said that the post wasn’t meant to taint any startup’s name and just a mindless share.

The account then continued its tweet by correcting the number of laid-off employees, saying that the dismissed headcounts were not more than a hundred. Currently, the Twitter account is made private by the owner.

OLX’s HR Director Sondang Saktion has commented on the matter, saying that indeed the company has done a few “internal strategic adjustments”. Saktion didn’t confirm the rumoured laying off nor the number of employees being let go from OLX Indonesia.

“Seeing how dynamic the Indonesian digital industry is, OLX management has decided to do some internal adjustments to strengthen OLX position as a trusted online buying and selling platform in the country that gives secure and hassle-free shopping and transaction experience for users,” said Saktion.

Before rebranding its name into OLX Indonesia, the e-commerce operated under the name Tokobagus.com. The company was co-founded by Dutch entrepreneurs Arnold Sebastian Egg and the late Remco Lupker, who started the company first in Bali back in 2005.

In 2014, Tokobagus then changed its name into OLX Indonesia. By the end of the same year, Di OLX Indonesia announced that it will merge the company with Berniaga.com.

OLX is a global e-commerce group headquartered in the Netherlands and operates in numerous countries including Indonesia. OLX Group is now owned by Naspers, a media company based in South Africa.


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