TikTok introduces referral rewards programme in Malaysia

TikTok has quietly rolled out a referral in which allows users to earn up to RM650 by just inviting others to use the app. The itself has been available in other countries for a while now and based on reports, it has finally entered our country on 22 July 2022.

First spotted by Amanz, several TikTok users in Malaysia have gotten invitation for the programme with varying amount of referral rewards. The referral reward programme, which can be accessed via selected users’ TikTok app shows that you can earn either RM55 or RM65 per referral with a limit of 10 first referrals.


Furthermore, the new user who uses the TikTok app through the referral must at least watch 30 minutes of content on TikTok a day for 10 continuous days. Hence, if 10 of the first referrals fulfilled the requirements, the referer will get to earn up to RM650.

Similar to other referral programmes out there, TikTok will be utilising a referral code which new users have to enter inside the rewards page within 24 hours so that the referrer can get the reward. Besides that, the rewards is paid in cash, whether through the referrer’s PayPal or bank account, with a withdrawal limit of once per day.

It is not yet known whether TikTok will expand the programme to more users in our country or whether it’ll be just for selected users. Well, given how popular the app is in our country, it is highly unlikely for the referral rewards programme to be eligible for all users.

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