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Meet SKIN – A Creative Solution for Contemporary Blogpreneurs

Sassy, colorful and original – SKIN is a perfect theme for bloggers who want to leave a lasting first impression on their visitors with smooth, trendy gradients, totally original circled posts slider, colorful details, truly GIF-friendly layout and social-boosting features.

Earn money with AdSense: Turn your passion into profit

SKIN offers 5 pre-defined positions where you can simply paste Google AdSense or any other major advertising program’s to automatically display ads which will monetize your blog in no time.

Promote your social profiles, boost your follower count

With original features such as the Social Links drop-down menu, Social links special boxes and Social widgets, SKIN offers new ways of driving traffic to your social profiles.

ALL (and we mean ALL) social icons included

SKIN comes with an integrated set of 45+ SVG social icons covering all major and not-so-major social networks of today. If we don’t have it – we’ll put it in, let us know.

Gradient Customization

SKIN comes with trendy pre-defined gradients which will make your blog scream “2017”. With a few clicks, you can tweak the colors to make SKIN fit your brand even more.

Color-Coded Categories

Besides the new awesome gradients, you can change all colors on SKIN theme. But from a user experience standpoint the most important addition is that you can assign different colors to different post categories which makes your blog be more organised visually.

POP-UP Advertising and Pages (on site load or on click)

Want awesome pop-ups? SKIN covers that too. Choose from several layouts and create pop-up pages to promote products, posts, social links, events OR tell something about yourself in an eye-catchy way.

821 fonts to choose from

Customize your blog’s typography using the amazing copyright-free Google font library and SKIN’s detailed typography customization options.

Great for Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Are you making money with affiliate links? SKIN comes in handy here as you can easily make you posts open in a new tab with our custom URL option for each post.

Skin comes with the new lightning-fast fullscreen search that displays search results as you are typing.

Special Boxes Concept

With our home-brewed Special boxes concept SKIN lets you loose the sidebar but still show the most important widgets (Most Popular & Latest posts, Social Links, Advertising banners and Pop-up pages) throughout your posts. Choose which Special box is shown and how often it’s repeated. This way your audience will be reminded to discover more of your posts and content or connect with you on social networks.

Tweet / Post on Facebook with Text Selection

Make it easy for your visitors to tweet your posts by using our integrated Tweet with selection tool. Simply by selecting any text within a post (just like copying) visitors will be given a pop-up button that let’s them login to Twitter or Facebook and immediately tweet the article with the selected text and a link to your post.

Absolute animated GIF support

We adore animated GIFs and ever since our first theme DAZE we’ve been developing and integrating GIFs into our themes. SKIN now offers with even more in-depth animated GIF options so knock yourself out.

Fullscreen Mobile Menu

SKIN comes with a new fullscreen mobile menu that maximizes user experience and shows all menus, sub-menus, social links and copyright information in a clear way. Try it on your smartphone or tablet.

Gigantic Media Embed Support

SKIN comes with a huge embed support: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Imgur, Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, TED Talk, Kickstarter, Scribd, Spotify, ReverbNation, Flickr, Hulu, Funny or Die, College Humor and many more.

Detailed Documentation

We have created a detailed documentation so setting up your blog and controlling all aspects of the theme is quick and easy to find.


NordWood Support Forum

With one purchase of any of our themes you receive 6 months of free support. If you have a problem just let us know at our Ticksy forum and we will answer ASAP.

Update Log

SKIN 3.0.1
– Fixed: Images stopped showing up in Instagram widgets
– Fixed: Text color for gradient background being pulled in archive header, instead of the main color
– Fixed: Customizer settings for demo-1 content being ignored after some other demo is imported
– Option added: Editable heading for related posts ( Customizer -> Skin Single Post )

SKIN 3.0
– New: Special widgets – upgraded special boxes for masonry list on blog and shop pages
– New: Link to author’s archive on Skin author widget
– New: Options for ‘Skin Custom Login Page’ plugin (Customizer -> Skin custom login page)
– New: Option to include Open Graph meta tags
– Fixed: Issue with single product layout on mobiles (WooCommerce)
– Fixed: Customizer behavior on Google Fonts issue
– Fixed: Page loading issue in Safari private mode (localStorage issue)
– Modified: Customizer controls to be compatible with WP 4.9 AND below

SKIN 2.0
– WooCommerce support
– Customizer section added for Woocommerce
– Option added: Custom colors for gradient on each page
– Option added: Latests posts in featured area filtered by tag.
– Option added: Hide categories in categories widgets (global setting in Customier)
– Option added: Hide page title, on single page
– Modified: Breaking point for mobile menu decreased to 1260px
– Fixed: Line showing up on active menu items (desktop top bar) also to appear when there are no descriptions
– Fixed: Popout on load – timing (Skin Popout pages plugin)
– Fixed: Featured image in posts list to have priority over thumbnails, for gallery posts
– Fixed: Post slider bug on page refresh

SKIN 1.1
– Option added: Dark/Light color scheme for the Facebook comments (Customizer -> Skin social)
– Option added: “Scroll to top” button (Customizer -> Skin Sticky Banner)
– Option added: Ability to close sticky banner (Customizer -> Skin Sticky Banner)
– Option added: Disable WordPress Emojis (Customizer -> Skin Optimization)
– Option added: Remove query string from static files (Customizer -> Skin Optimization)
– Option added: Minify dynamic inline css (Customizer -> Skin Optimization)
– Option added: Disable on-load popout for mobile devices (Customizer -> Skin Optimization)
– Improved: Instagram widgets pulling smaller thumbnails sizes, in order to speed up site loading time
– Improved: Popout pages scripts loading (Skin Popout Pages plugin)
– Modified: Desktop screen breaking point changed from 1280px to 1320px
– Modified: “Skin Sticky Banner” section in Customizer renamed to “Skin Footer & Bottom Area”
– Modified: ‘skin_assets_swiper’ style deffered
– Fixed: Skin Facebook widget leaving the loading animation behind, after it renders


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