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Viral WooCommerce Plugin: Buy For Me allows your users to discover the enjoyable way of asking for a gift from friends. Suitable for all WooCommerce themes.

Buy For Me Plugin - How It Works
Instead of a basic e-mail which includes a link, your visitors can send the product itself to anyone with this plugin.

An e-mail preview window shows up when you click the Buy For Me button. Here you see the product with its image, title and price. Now you choose a nice color scheme, write your message, prepare your button and send it to anyone.

And we’re delicate enough to put an option for hiding the product price

Buy For Me Plugin - Perfect Marketing
Creating campaigns for special days like Valentine’s Day, New Year, Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. is a common way to induce your visitors to buy a product.

Buy For Me Plugin - Preview

Now you can use “Buy For Me” plugin as a part of your campaign and make the visitors share your products (and naturally your brand) with their friends in an enjoyable way.

Buy For Me Plugin - Increase Memorable Visits
Today, it’s very important to get memorized by your visitors especially from the point of remarketing. “Buy For Me” plugin helps you to the returning visitor rate of your store by presenting an innovative and memorable shopping experience.

Buy For Me Plugin - Most Innovative eCommerce Experience

Grotte – A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme has received the Most Innovative eCommerce Experience Award on Envato’s Most Wanted: WooCommerce Shopfront Themes contest with this plugin.

Grotte - A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme - WooCommerce eCommerce

Buy For Me Plugin - All Features

  • Suitable for all WooCommerce themes.
  • Easy usage. Ready to go in 5 mins.
  • A “Buy For Me” button appears on category and product pages.
  • The button will be the same with your theme’s design.
  • Shortcode can be used to display the button.
  • Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Buy For Me” to see the settings.
  • You can write anything instead of “Buy For Me”.
  • Enable/Disable the button at any time.
  • Enable/Disable the button for each product separately.
  • Show/Hide the button on category pages.
  • Unlimited color options.
  • Plugin uses your theme’s colors but you can override them on settings panel.

Buy For Me Plugin - Testimonial

  • Plugin uses the default font of your theme.
  • You can change the design via custom CSS.
  • You can use your store’s logo and set the size of it.
  • Compatible with WPML.
  • Translate into any language.
  • Translation (.pot) file included.
  • You can disable the .pot file and use the settings panel for translation.
  • Plugin can be used together with additional plugins like “Quick View”.
  • Font Awesome support. You can add an icon to your button.
  • Mobile friendly & responsive design.
  • Super light structure and high performance on any platform.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Detailed documentation.

Buy For Me Plugin - Customer Reviews
Buy For Me Plugin - Customer Reviews 1
Buy For Me Plugin - Buy Now
Buy For Me Plugin - Customer Reviews 2

Buy For Me Plugin - Help
Please don’t hesitate to ask anything. We’re ready to help you on our comments page! For further assistance, head over to and submit a ticket.

*** v.3.0 / May 10, 2018 ***
+ Fixed a bug where the preview window doubled while using the button shortcode.
*** v.2.9 / March 16, 2018 ***
+ You can now add the sender/receiver name to the sent e-mail subject.
+ Use %email% tag to display the sender e-mail in disclaimer notice.
*** v.2.8 / January 19, 2018 ***
+ A bug fixed where a variable product with a chosen attribute is added into "Upsells" causes a fatal error.
*** v.2.7 / August 19, 2017 ***
+ Design improvements.
+ "Receiver Name" field added.
+ Plugin now automatically sends a copy of the e-mail to the sender.
+ Minor styling fixings for checkboxes.
+ Language files updated.
*** v.2.6 / April 14, 2017 ***
+ WooCommerce 3.0 support.
*** v.2.5 / December 7, 2016 ***
+ Font Awesome added. Now you can add an icon to your button.
+ Language files updated.
*** v.2.4 / November 28, 2016 ***
+ You can now create and use a custom single color scheme.
+ A bug fixed where the product name doesn't get the selected color.
+ Language files updated.
*** v.2.3 / November 23, 2016 ***
+ Shortcode added. It can be used on product pages or in any loop like product categories.
# Shortcode Usage: <?php echo do_shortcode( '[buyforme]' ); ?>
+ New option: Show/Hide 'Buy For Me' button on product pages.
+ Language file updated.
+ Help file updated.
*** v.2.2 / November 1, 2016 ***
+ You can now disable "Hide Price" checkbox completely.
+ "Use a Single Color Scheme" option added.
+ Language file updated.
*** v.2.1 / May 24, 2016 ***
+ Fixed an issue where Yahoo mail server breaks the e-mail .
*** v.2.0 / April 8, 2016 ***
+ Button placement option on product pages.
+ Tracking is available now.
+ When a visitor uses Buy For Me, you're able to get a copy of the sent e-mail now.
+ Use %name% tag to display the sender name in disclaimer notice.
+ Minor styling fix in e-mail template.
*** v.1.5 / March 23, 2016 ***
+ WPML compatibility.
+ Improvements for security and avoiding from spam.
+ Product Image Size option added to settings.
+ Disclaimer notice at the bottom of the sent e-mail.
+ Minor styling fixes.
*** v.1.4 / March 15, 2016 ***
+ Custom CSS field added.
+ .po and .mo files added for Turkish.
*** v.1.3 / March 10, 2016 ***
+ Logo Image Height can be set now.
+ Minor bug fixes.
*** v.1.2 / March 7, 2016 ***
+ Disable Language File option added to settings.
*** v.1.1 / March 4, 2016 ***
+ Minor styling fixes.
*** v.1.0 / March 2, 2016 ***
Initial .

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