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Whitelabel Theme & Plugin Options Panel is a state of the art script that allows developers to add quick and easy powerful options to their WordPress Theme or Plugin. Whitelabel is so easy to use and so fast that is suitable for both experienced developers and beginners.

With Whitelabel your themes or plugins will look gorgeous and users will feel comfortable. The user interface was designed so that users will rapidly operate it without programming skills needed. Friendly user options types such as number sliders, button groups, image groups, select boxes with search, multi-select boxes, all of them and many other designed only for user comfort.


  • 26 Option Field Types
  • Seamless integration in WordPress (3.8+)
  • Integrated with WordPress Color Schemes
  • Unlimited Pages and Options
  • Unlimited Backups & Restore
  • Less than a minute activation
  • Incredible User Experience
  • Flat & Modern User Interface
  • Extremely lightweight
  • WordPress proprietary functionality (Media Upload, Color Picker)
  • 100% White Label

Extended License is required when purchasing this for integration with future Theme Forest or Code Canyon Products.

For demo preview, please login here: http://demo.curlythemes.com/whitelabel-plugin/wp-admin

Username: demo
Password: demo

Documentation can be reviewed here: http://docs.curlythemes.com/whitelabel/

Option Fields:

  • Sections
  • Titles
  • Info Boxes
  • Dividers
  • HTML Fields
  • Text Fields
  • Textarea Fields
  • Editor Fields (WordPress Editor)
  • Single Checkbox Field
  • Checkbox List Field
  • Radio Buttons
  • Classic Select Boxes
  • Select Boxes with Search
  • Multi-Select Boxes
  • Switches
  • Upload Fields (WordPress Media)
  • Mini-Upload Fields (WordPress Media)
  • Number Fields (Slider)
  • Button Groups
  • Image Groups
  • Classic Typography Fields
  • Google Fonts Typography Fields
  • Color Picker (WordPress Color Picker)
  • iFrames
  • Back-up & Restore Field
  • Reset Field


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