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Tired of having to open tons of tabs in your browser when you manage your WP site ?
You use a lot of plugins, and your customers are lost in the admin interface of their website ? They don’t know what menu link they must click to make simple operations ?

This unique WordPress plugin gives your WordPress backend an awesome O/S Desktop style, allowing you to manage the different admin pages in windows and create shortcuts on the desktop in one click.

Windows can be resized, maximized, minimified, and easily placed side by side to truly improve your productivity.
Each user can create its own shortcuts simply dragging a link from the WP menu to the desktop.
All colors, background image and windows effects can be customized from the settings window.

Intuitive, beautiful, fluid and really useful for you and your customers, this plugin will make managing your website even faster and easier.


  • Gives to your WordPress backend a real O/S desktop look !
  • Powerful and beautiful windows manager
  • Each users can freely customize his desktop and the admin theme
  • Freely customize the login page
  • Can show video wallpapers from Youtube
  • Windows can be resized, maximized, minimized and displayed side by side in 1 click
  • Each user can create his own shortcuts simply dragging a link from the menu to the desktop
  • Icons and titles of shortcuts can be edited
  • Navigate instantly between the different windows using keyboard shortcuts
  • Fully ajax powered, browser history supported
  • Automatic Updates
  • Fully translatable (WPML & .po ready)
  • Reactive support !

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2017-02-08 :
   - Tons of new options to customize the WP Admin theme (each user can edit his own styles) 
   - New options to customize the login page  
   - Many improvements

2017-02-06 : 
   - Each user can now edit his own styles (background, colors) 
   - Right click menu 
   - Can use video wallpapers from youtube videos 
   - Settings & Design panel improved + new options 
   - Web browser tool 
   - Minor improvements

2017-01-10 :
    - New option allowing to assign the current shortcuts to all users having a specific role

2016-05-20 :
    - New keyboard shortcuts feature to navigate easily between windows 
    - Keyboard shortcuts can be freely edited from settings panel

2016-04-30 :
   - Multisite support improved (OS Desktop is now available on all sites backends except the network admin one)
   - Shortcuts can now be launched with a single click (instead of doubleclick) 

2016-04-21 :
   - new options and features
   - minor improvements






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