10 Hilarious Grand Theft Auto Memes Only True Fans Understand

When you’re a fan of a series, it only takes a slight glimpse of anything from the media to trigger a knowing smile. The Grand Theft franchise might be the most popular in the world, but it still is something of an acquired taste.

This also means that elements from the series can only be understood by those who have played the games long enough to know their tropes. That being said, you’ll know for sure if you’re a true fan of the GTA series if you can check out these 10 memes and every single one of them.

10 Ever Consider Taking Up Lessons?

Realism isn’t something the GTA series ever shoots for. When you see a guy who visually has nothing on him, but is actually carrying a variety of weapons that would make him a walking weapon of mass destruction, you know it’s not supposed to be steeped in realism.

And yet, how fake is it that some protagonists can’t swim? They’re capable of doing things that are impossible to comprehend in real life, but the developers thought that perhaps adding in a feature that would allow the protagonist to swim would be too much for it to be believable.

9 Just Hangin’

Getting that 5-Star ranking in a GTA game is an accomplishment in itself, because the path to achieving this rank is littered with hundreds of cops and army men trying to kill you. The weird thing, though, is that once you do get the 5-star rating, you realize it wasn’t really worth it.

It’s at this time that players take it to most desperate lengths and attempt to hide in the strangest of places. The most popular choices are those locations that are logistically impossible, but your cheats allow you to reach them. This is a very good representation of one of those safe havens.

8 What Else Is There To Do?

Once you’ve completed all the necessary stuff in GTA, there’s not much option but to cause mayhem. The series has never done a good job in keeping the player occupied without violence coming into play, and so the ones to suffer are the cops.

When you start killing a couple of people, the cops make their presence felt, and about 20-30 do always perish before the player is overwhelmed by the authorities. If these cops had families, then yeah, we should feel bad about killing them just for kicks.

7 Get A Makeover, Trevor

An annoying feature in GTA V is the fact that once you switch to a different character and then return to the one you were using before him, the wardrobe undergoes a change. The one most guilty of this is Trevor, who always ends up back in the same shirt.

We hate this shirt more because of how full of stains it is, making the change from our preferred clothing choice to Trevor’s more anger-inducing than it would normally be.

6 Unappreciative Cops

We sincerely hope GTA VI fixes the cops’ mentality to have common sense, as it’s gotten pretty annoying how their only response is to kill you. It makes no sense that the cops would start attacking you when you try to assist them by killing the criminals that the cops were fighting.

Common sense would dictate the cops would be appreciative, but instead we have to contend with the entire authorities turning their wrath toward us, not stopping until the player is dead.

5 Fast Granny

In order to add some realism, the game has pedestrians act the way they would if they were real people; but it doesn’t have any value if they completely ignore it the next second. Case in point are the old folks, who don’t act their age once they’re threatened.

You can even test it for yourself – next time you’re playing GTA IV or V, just shoot the air around an old person, and you’ll see them running faster than the Flash when before they were limping.

4 Wassup, Civilian?

On the other end of the cops’ lack of logic is how they are perfectly willing to let an armed man walk past them with no problems. And it’s not just a small weapon like a knife or a small gun, you can have a bazooka right in the cop’s face and he won’t even blink.

According to the GTA universe, a crime is only committed once a person uses the weapon. If we were to apply this logic in the real world, then you’d have people walking around with bombs and whatnot and you’d be expected to casually greet them.

3 Now That’s Accurate

The “damage” function has gone through several redesigns in every GTA game, and the developers are still not close to locking in a permanent version of this. The picture above accurately captures each version of a car damage, and you could even make a guessing game out of this by removing the titles.

By far, the surprisingly least annoying version was of GTA III, which didn’t annoy the player as much. The most recent games tried too hard to make things realistic, but turned crashing the car into a joke.

2 The Worst Moment

You’d need to be in your 20s or more to get what this means, because it represents a meme from the GTA III universe. Back then, we could snag a tank for ourselves and be completely invulnerable to damage, but this had a very lame restriction.

The tank could destroy anything with just one touch, but for some reason trees were totally immune to this. Not only that, but hitting a tree was the worst moment, as you’d be stopped in your tracks and would endure painful few minutes trying to reverse out of there.

1 Criminal’s Gotta Sleep

People have pointed out how funny it is that the protagonist can die by wreaking havoc, only to immediately leave the hospital with no criminal record; another feature is how easily the main character can fall asleep after a day of carnage.

All you have to do is go back to your house and the character instantly drifts off for a hearty sleep, forgetting the fact that he was just outside exploding cars and taking lives. At least GTA promotes a person’s beauty sleep, right?

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