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Anyone with even a slight memory of anything that was created during the 80s should know where that quote came from. 80s babies and beyond have come to adore the Autobots and Decepticons that inhabit the animated universe of Transformers. Countless toys, films, video , and more have featured the robots in disguise since their grand debut. To commemorate the upcoming release of the solo film, Budge Studios has crafted a mobile auto-runner/ in its honor. Check out our full of below to get a handle on how to save the world from the Decepticons in Transformers Bumblebee !

Here are the top five tips, , and cheats you need to know for Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive:

1. The Basic Gameplay Structure of Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive

• So this new Transformers game doubles as an auto-runner/shooter. Most times, you’ll start out each stage run in vehicle form as it drives along the busy roads of Earth. Heres is where you’ll increase your score multiplier by dodging vehicles during close- scenarios. You’ll also help increase your score multiplier by picking up coins and crystals. The very first limited Event of the game asks you to knock down any mailboxes you may come across. Those mailboxes are only present during the road driving portion of each stage playthrough.

• Afterwards, you’re likely to hop right into the desert. This is where you’ll need to knock down any obstacles with a blue arrow floating over it, dodge enemy lasers, steer clear of spikes, and collect any powerups you may come across. Afterwards, you’ll infiltrate a Decepticon base and get to blasting! Now you’ll need to shoot anything that tries to stop you and collect powerups (new weapons come into play here). The whole goal of each run is to clear the required points limit needed to reach each boss and defeat them. Once you defeat a Decepticon, a new one takes its place! This means you’ll need to complete a new points limit score in order to reach them. Keep in mind that the action eventually gets a bit faster and harder to manage after a while.

2. Combine Powerups When the Chance Arrises

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive

Budge Studios

• During the Deception base invasion portion of a stage, you’re going to be doing a lot of shooting. Staying alive during these sections becomes a tough task thanks to the presence of stage hazards and multiple enemies that are out to kill you. Weapons powerups can be collected here – every time you defeat a boss, a new one become accessible.

• After starting a new stage right after defeating a boss, that newly unlocked weapon will pop up first during the base invasion. This weapons opportunity gives you a chance at demoing its usage and getting a taste of its power. By the way, you can actually combine powerups. When you spot multiple weapons powerups and other types of powerups near each other, pick them up in succession. Your Autobot will activate all of the abilities tied to the powerups you just collected, which immediately turns it into a killing machine or a blaster boosted Autobot with magnetic powers to boot!

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3. Improve the Stats of Your Bots, Unlock New Ones, Then Level Them Up!

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive

Budge Studios

• The coins and crystals you collect mainly goes towards improving your Autobots’ stats and evolving them. For each bot, make sure you upgrade their Armor before you spend some coins on upgrading their Blaster. Once you have enough Crystals to unlock a new Autobot…DO IT!!! The next batch of Crystals you add to your stash should go towards upgrading one of your Autobots.

• Upgrade your weaker Autobots before you choose to do the same for your stronger ones. Your newly unlocked Autobots start out with with some pretty high stats, so there’s no need to improve them so soon while your weaker ones need more of your attention. Once one of your weaker bots has been evolved, spend your next batch of Crystals towards adding a new Autobot to your growing roster. So let’s go over all that one more time – upgrade an Autobots’ Armor, then its Blaster. Use your Crystals to purchase a new Autobot first, then use your next set of Crystals to evolve another one. And finally, focus on strengthening your weaker bots before you do imrpove your stronger ones.

4. Start Out With Your Strongest Transformer During Every Stage Run

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive

Budge Studios

• As you add new Autobots to your roster, you essentially gain extra lives. When your current Autobot wipes out, you’ll get the chance to call in a new one and start from where your last bot died. You’ll usually have to sit through a quick video ad for a free play. Sometimes you’ll have to cough up a Crystal or two to get a retry.

• The best way to take advantage of this mechanic is by starting each stage with your very first Autobot, Bumblebee. He may not be as strong as your other bots, but it’s still best to start out with him first. Once he eventually bites the dust, you can move right on to a much stronger Autobot. That Autobot will have a higher score multiplier and coin collecting multiplier, which should help you get to the boss much faster and rack up even more coins. This process gives you plenty more chances to keep playing as you steadily unlock new Autobots.

5. Remember to Complete Your Missions and Events

Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive

Budge Studios

• You should always make a mental note of your current Missions and the Event goals you need to fulfill. If you forget what they are, simple take your finger off the screen and they’ll all pop up.

• Completing Missions helps you gather more Coins, while completing the Events checklist helps you get your hands on chests full of goodies. Try to complete all of the Events goals before the time limit expires so you gain every available chest. And don’t worry – as one mission is cleared, another one takes its place. You’ll practically never run out of Missions to complete!

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