Floating Dragon Tricks Elden Ring Player Into Falling to Their Death

An Elden Ring player chases after a floating enemy , but meets an untimely demise by to their unfortunate death.

An Elden Ring player shared a clip of them dying an ill-fated by falling while fighting a dragon. FromSoftware’s RPG released this past February and has been one of the most successful titles this year. Elden Ring has already won a Game of the Year award from the Japan Game Awards and can be expected to win more.

One thing that Elden Ring is known for is unfortunate deaths. Many gamers have died after getting a boss down to a sliver of health or by running into an accident while taking on an enemy. These losses can be rage-inducing, but can at times also be teaching experiences as players learn from their mistakes.

A Redditor named Sister-Friedes-Feet posted a clip showing them fall to their doom while fighting a dragon. In the video, the enemy is seen at the edge of a cliff attacking the player. The gamer runs towards the dragon and rolls at them in order get close enough to attack. Unfortunately for them, the dragon is actually floating just off the edge, and they roll right off of the cliff. This leads to the player falling to their untimely end. It is a sad scene to behold and yet another ill-fated demise for someone who is playing Elden Ring.

Sister-Friedes-Feet’s post has gotten a bit of attention. Some sympathize with the player, with a commenter stating that they would have done the same thing. One gamer did share that something similar happened to them while they were fighting a dragon that kept teleporting and defying the laws of physics. A user said that they had never seen such a bug in Elden Ring before, with Sister-Friedes-Feet saying that it is the weirdest thing that they have encountered in the game. It is an odd bug to run into, one that can sadly lead to the of players.

Sister-Friedes-Feet is not alone when it comes to dying a tragic death in Elden Ring. A Redditor known as Isaac_Serdwick posted a clip that shows them die unexpectedly. In the video, the player is fighting the Flying Dragon Greyll on a bridge. Isaac_Serdwick knocks the enemy down and has the opportunity to land a critical hit. As they ride their horse toward the head of the dragon to execute their attack, the gamer tries to jump off of Torrent. When attempting the jump, Isaac_Serdwick has too much momentum and flies off the side of the bridge to their death. Both Sister-Friedes-Feet and Isaac_Serdwick saw opportunities, but were punished when attempting to take them.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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