AEW Fight for the Fallen Match References Mortal Kombat

All Elite Wrestling held its third major event this past Saturday, July 13, where it raised over $150,000 for victims of gun violence. The event, dubbed Fight for the , featured a ton of high-octane wrestling action, with one of the standout matches being the three-way tag team match that saw Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus teaming against both The Dark Order and the team of Angelico and Jack Evans. The match was full of crazy spots, including multiple nods to NetherRealm’s Kombat franchise.

The Dark Order, the team comprised of Stu Greyson and Evil Uno, at one point utilized a tag team move preceded by Greyson shouting, “Get over here!” This is an obvious reference to Scorpion‘s catchphrase that he uses in the various Mortal Kombat video games. However, the Mortal Kombat references didn’t end there.

Right before The Dark Order won the match, they connected with their finishing move, which is called “Fatality.” As anyone that has played Mortal Kombat knows, Fatalities are the ultra-violent moves that players can perform after defeating their opponents. Fatalities in Mortal Kombat are often over-the-top and absurdly gory, to the point that they’re almost comical.

Of course, professional wrestling fans who were familiar with The Dark Order before they were in AEW likely weren’t surprised by the Mortal Kombat references in their match. Before they were known as The Dark Order, the team of Stu Greyson and Evil Uno went by the tag team name Super Smash Bros., incorporating video game references into their matches since their debut in the mid-2000s. However, since keeping the Super Smash Bros. name would have likely drawn the ire of Nintendo, it’s no surprise that the team ultimately had to change their name to wrestle in AEW.

The Dark Order have utilized more obscure video game references in the past, but the nods to Mortal Kombat should have been picked up by even casual gaming fans. After all, Mortal Kombat is one of the most mainstream video games out there, having had multiple movies made about it and even discussed in Congress due to its violence. A new Mortal Kombat movie is in the works, and so the franchise will likely have an even higher profile moving forward.

Meanwhile, The Dark Order will be in action again at AEW All Out on August 31, and it will be interesting to see what other video game references they sneak into their match against Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta.

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