Alienware Is Definitely Not Ripping Off The Nintendo Switch

This week at CES in Las Vegas, Alienware showed off its ConceptUFO, a portable PC gaming system with detachable controllers that can be played handheld, in tabletop mode, or connected to a television. It is not a .

For one, the is a real product you can buy, and ConceptUFO is just a working design prototype. It's not being sold and may never come to fruition, so no one needs to worry about any similarities between Alienware's hybrid gaming system and 's hybrid gaming system right now. Also, as per Alienware parent company Dell's CES presentation today, ConceptUFO is a bit larger than a Switch, sporting a 10-inch screen. The Switch screen is only 6.2 inches.

While ConceptUFO's controllers do detach from the side like Switch Joy-Cons so the system can be played in tabletop mode with a kickstand or connected to a television …

The two controller halves snap together to form a full-size game controller. That's completely different.

It may look vaguely like Nintendo's console with similar functionality, but it's totally a new thing. Not once during the stage presentation did Alienware and Dell VP of gaming Vivian Lien or show host Aisha Tyler mention Nintendo or the Switch. You can watch the presentation below, starting at the 55-minute mark.

It seems to me like they aren't even aware of the Switch, and any similarities between it and ConceptUFO are purely coincidental.

It might be a Razer Edge Pro.

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