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When it comes to players getting the they want in , it appears that they will have to hope for the best. The title will not players the option to trade their loot, even should they receive items for a class they aren’t currently using.

The absence of a trade system was revealed during an exchange between Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah and a curious user on Twitter. Nuno Boaventura (@Pini0n) asked Darrah if he could trade a piece of Storm loot for something for a Ranger, if that’s the class he is currently playing, and the answer was no.

However, Darrah goes go on to say that most of the loot that drops will be for the Javelin class a player is using, but that loot for other classes can drop as well, just at a lower rate. While would be ideal, Darrah’s statement suggests players can expect to get the loot they want more often than not.

Whether the absence of trading will be an issue or not will soon be seen, as the release of the title quickly approaches. BioWare has recently announced that Anthem has reached its Alpha phase, meaning it has passed a significant milestone in development and is nearly complete. The various pieces are in place, and the game is now fully functional and playable. All that’s left for Anthem is to stomp out any remaining bugs, rigorously test it, and then do some fine-tuning in preparation for its launch next year.

Impatient players,who simply can’t wait until the official release in late February can player Anthem a touch earlier through a demo that launches at the beginning of the same month. There are several methods to gain access to the “VIP demo”, the most straightforward of which is to simply pre-order any version of the game. Additionally, there are different periods of early access to Anthem that begin on February 15 for EA Access Origin Access subscribers.

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 22nd, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Mark Darrah – Twitter

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