Apex Legends: How to Get Revenant’s Heirloom

The new Genesis collection event for Apex has arrived, and players can get fresh cosmetic items, including an heirloom set for Revenant.

The Genesis collection event has arrived in Apex which means a new Legend heirloom set is available for players to get their hands on. This time, the terrifying, murder-robot assassin, Revenant, get a razor-sharp scythe for reaping other players in the arena.

As well as the Revenant’s heirloom, the Genesis event has brought out even more cosmetics for Apex players to get and sees the return of the original King’s Canyon and World’s Edge maps. Not every Legend has an heirloom set yet, and Bangalore was the last Legend to get one during Season 8’s Chaos Theory collection event.

As with all Apex Legends collection events, the Genesis collection event has 24 premium cosmetics available. These can be unlocked with Apex Coins, which must be bought with real-world currency, or with Crafting Metals, which can be earned randomly in varying amounts in loot boxes or through the premium battle pass. Genesis cosmetics can also be unlocked by purchasing event loot boxes instead which guarantee exactly one random event item.

To unlock Revenant’s Dead Man’s Curve scythe heirloom and the accompanying banner pose and voice line, Apex Legends players need to unlock all 24 cosmetics through any of the previously mentioned methods. If a player has unlocked all 24 items during the event, they will be given Revenant’s heirloom set in another loot box. Apex Legends players can then equip the set and try out the many unique inspection animations for the scythe.

Players should also have a look at the event bundles rather than just buying 24 event loot boxes as they typically allow players to save a bit of money. Alternatively, Apex Legends players can get the heirloom set after the Genesis event ends if they have heirloom shards. Revenant’s scythe will be available for purchase in the heirloom section of Apex Legends shop for 150 heirloom shards.

Players can also complete challenges to earn points that unlock more cosmetic items for free on the free rewards track. This event includes damage, kill, and win trackers for Horizon and Valkyrie, and Legendary skins for the Charge Rifle and EVA-8 Shotgun. In theory, the free track can be completed in just four days, as players can earn up to 1,600 points a day if they complete all the challenges.

Revenant received some fairly significant balance changes with the Genesis collection event update too. He can now climb vertically for an extremely long time and had his hitbox sizes reduced, but the duration of his Silence and Death Protection abilities have been shortened.

Apex Legends is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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