Apex Legends: Legacy patch remove Low Profile and new Bocek weapon

Apex Legend upcoming Legacy update is already shaping up to be one of its biggest patches ever. Now that developer Respawn Entertainment has released the official notes it seems there are even more changes than we thought. Along with the addition of the new Arenas mode and Valkyrie, the game’s new Legend, the Legacy update will also bring in dozens of huge new balance changes to Legends and weapons.

Among the biggest changes in Apex Legends: Legacy is the removal of Low Profile. This perk used to be applied to certain Legends who had smaller character models, like Lifeline, Wattson, and Wraith.

The perk caused these characters to take 5% additional damage, and for leg shots to do the same damage as body shots, to help mitigate the advantage of having a smaller hitbox. However, Respawn now feels that it can balance these characters within their own kits without relying on Low Profile, so the perk has been removed from the game.

The new will also include an update to the Apex Legends loot pool, and the items that players start each game with. After the update players will begin each match with a “starter kit,” which includes a level 1 EVO Shield, a helmet, a Knockdown Shield, two Shield Cells, and two syringes. Since everyone gets these to start, level 1 helmets and knockdown shields have now been removed from the loot pool.

Another big addition with this update is the game’s new Bocek , a compound bow that fits into a new weapons category called Marksman. That category includes guns like the G7, 30-30, and Triple Take. The Bocek fires arrows that are nearly silent, giving you the drop on your target. The Bocek also has two Hop Up attachments: Shatter Caps, which splits each arrow into a shotgun-like spread, and Deadeye’s Tempo, which increases the bow’s fire rate if you release the arrows at the perfect time.

Along with these huge changes, the patch also contains dozens of small balance updates to both weapons and Legends, which you can check out in the full patch notes.

The game’s new patch will be released on May 4, the same day as the rest of the Apex Legends: Legacy update.

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