Apex Legends Solo, Duo Mode Not Releasing Anytime Soon

Apex Legends has experienced a smooth launch, with the increasingly popular BR title taking the genre by storm. However, it still lacks several features desired by its player base such as more game modes, specifically Solo, , or any type of big team battle. And now it seems that these modes will not be anytime soon.

While this may disappoint fans of Apex Legends, it’s worth highlighting how diligently the team at Respawn Entertainment is working on improving the overall experience. For example, in the latest patch that set up the official first season and the game’s first official Battle Pass, the team also fixed the hitboxes for Pathfinder, Caustic, and Gibraltar, an issue that the community has been clamoring to be addressed.

But this divided attention has taken its toll elsewhere, as data miners have realized that coding for Solo and Duos has been removed from the game files. At this point, a definitive release date cannot be determined, but this removal would suggest that these two modes are not coming at any point soon.

For some, this is becoming an issue of communication. Many have been expecting these modes for some time now due to an earlier leak, so Respawn Entertainment cannot be faulted for the current lack of these two modes. On the other hand, Respawn didn’t shut these leaks down either and has issued no word on any official plans, so rumors ran rampant. How long Apex Legends is tied to its current build remains to be seen, especially since the game has only been out a short time, but many are already wanting to see more.

That said, Apex Legends is looking to the future and what more the developer can do. For the Battle Pass, the developers have stated that they wanted the first season of content to be a straightforward experience, as many are still learning the game, but they have mentioned the possibility of adding Fortnite-like challenges to future iterations of the Battle Pass. Because of all this, it will be interesting to see where Apex Legends goes from here.

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Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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