Apex Legends Update Fixes Hit Registration Bug

A in that was leading to bullets not causing damage to enemies has been fixed, but not completely according to some.

Season 5, Fortune’s Favor, released this week for Apex Legends, including massive map changes for King’s Canyon, balance changes for characters like Pathfinder and Mirage, and more. But some players were experiencing problems with hit registration.

registration in an online shooter is more or less what it sounds like, the game keeping track of damage taken to a player from bullets or attacks from another player. Sometimes this can be a bug, or an issue with a player character’s hit box (where the character can be hit in the game), or it can be an issue with the servers that host the online game.

According to Respawn Entertainment, developer of Apex Legends, this instance of hit registration was due to a server issue that was affecting PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and should now be fixed. Unfortunately, according to many online, the issue is not completely resolved. An issue such as this is often much more complicated than it may seem, and Apex Legends is not unique with this problem. Respawn is more than likely aware that it has more work to do.

While the Apex Legends experience is overall quite a smooth one, issues like this, especially at the launch of a new highly anticipated season, can put quite a damper on the experience. Many players in online comment sections are saying that they plan on skipping out on playing until this issue is resolved. All it would take would be one instance of hit registration being wrong to end a match for a player, and understandably, that would make them want to quit.

This isn’t the only issue Respawn has had to tackle recently. Respawn finally managed to squash a long-standing bug that let down players continue to fire their weapon just earlier this month. And players are still arguing and even performing forms of protest over the use of skill-based matchmaking in the unranked “Play Apex” duos and trios modes.

Hopefully once this hit registration issue is resolved, players can go back to enjoying the great new content in Season 5 of Apex Legends, like the new teleporting legend Loba, and the ongoing quest for the “Broken Ghost” treasure.

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