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Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Battlefield 5, just in time for Gamescom. The new trailer shows lots of action-packed gameplay moments with crazy amounts of environmental destruction. We also get a very quick glimpse at Battlefield 5's Royale .

The new trailer titled “Devastation of Rotterdam” is featuring the trademark Battlefield gameplay of combined arms combat. Infantry units sprinting through vast maps, all while buildings are being blown to pieces around them. Tanks ravaging everything on their path with planes and missiles raining death from the skies. It's pretty epic.

As the title suggests, we first witness the Dutch city of Rotterdam. It doesn't take long before all hell break loose however, with explosive combat taking place in the city map, culminating in the leveling of a whole block by a massive Nazi missile. This huge explosion deforms the whole map into a giant ruin. It's impressive how far the “Levolution” gimmick first seen in Battlefield 4 has evolved. It looks like an entirely different map.

First look at Battlefield 5's Battle Royale

If that wasn't enough to get you excited for Battlefield 5's Gamescom media appearance, we quickly jump into a new area. A swampy scenery where each faction is fighting for control over a bridge. The quite open fields are a stark contrast  to the tight city map before and promises a refreshing change of pace, no doubt. Still not enough variety, you say? Now we're in a desert with huge rock formations, fighting classic tank battles of World War II.

For any game, this much content reveal for a single trailer would be more than enough to ramp up excitement. But developer Dice still has one more ace up their sleeves. The long-awaited reveal of their Battle Royale mode! A winter landscape in midst of a mountain range, in the middle of all we see an intimidatingly powerful ring of flames, engulfing the entire playing field and ever-inching towards the center. It's not much but what is being shown is enough to make us all giddy for more survival gameplay to be shown during Gamescom.

Battlefield 5 will be having an Open Beta in early September with the final game releasing on October 19th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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