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Towards the end of the Nvidia conference ahead of Gamescom this week, the GPU manufacturer revealed that the open for 5 will kick off in a fortnight.

As is always, people who pre-order will get access to DICE's latest shooter a couple of days before the open beta proper. That start time is September 4, with the beta going live for all users on September 6.

The open beta will include the 64-player Conquest mode on Rotterdam or Arctic Fjord, two days of the Grand Operations mode on Arctic Fjord, and a five-part version of the Tides of War mode.

“Each chapter of Tides of War is designed to focus on an aspect of the era, with unique gameplay experiences to drive players forward,” DICE said in a blog post.

Subscribers to Origin Access, Origin Access Premier and EA Access will also get to play the BFV beta from September 4.

For more info, head to DICE's FAQ.

The author travelled to Gamescom 2018 as a guest of Nvidia.

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