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Earlier today, Electronic Arts released a list of all the guns, melee weapons, gadgets, and vehicles that will be included in the upcoming Battlefield V at launch. While the list is impressive and fairly wide-ranging, some fans have noticed that the game is missing two of the most iconic World War II weapons in the form of the BAR M1918 and the M1 Garand.

Some fans may be scratching their heads as to why Battlefield V will be omitting those two weapons at launch, but there is actually a reason for it. As it turns out, Battlefield V will launch with a focus on British and German forces, with other WW2 nations added to the game in future updates. This means that the American forces, who the M1 Garand and the BAR M1918 are most commonly associated with, won’t be in Battlefield V‘s multiplayer at launch.

This approach may disappoint some fans, especially since these weapons and factions aren’t the only things that will be missing from Battlefield V at launch. We also know that the game’s Firestorm battle royale mode won’t be available at launch either, even after the delay from October to November.

battlefield v firestorm squads

While Battlefield V won’t have some features at launch, that doesn’t mean the game is going to be lacking content. On the contrary, Battlefield V is launching with the franchise’s signature large-scale multiplayer experience, along with a single-player campaign mode, which is notably absent from its chief competition, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, this year. It’s also worth reiterating that even though the BAR M1918 and M1 Garand won’t be in Battlefield V at launch, the game is still launching with 30 guns (seven of those being sidearms), nine melee weapons, and 24 vehicles.

And Battlefield V is only going to get bigger after launch. DICE and EA have already laid out plans to continue supporting the game following its release with new weapons, factions, items, multiplayer maps, and more. Considering this, it’s safe to say that the M1 Garand and BAR M1918 will make their way to the game at some point in the future, along with American forces.

Battlefield V launches November 20 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: EA (via Game Informer)

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