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Bethesda has granted the wish of a 12-year-old fan named Wes, who is suffering a rare type of cancer and wanted to Fallout 76 months before . Wes was initially diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was just five years old and has been battling the disease ever since.

Recently, Wes and his family were advised by doctors to stop all treatment, since his cancer had metastasized. Wes was devastated when his mother broke the news to him, he later broke down and cried after realizing that he may not be able to play the latest installment in his favorite video-game franchise, Fallout 76, which is slated to come out in November.

Given that doctors were not confident that Wes would last until the release of the game, a friend of his then reached out to Bethesda, and a week later, representatives from the studio visited Wes’ home with a copy of the unreleased game. Bethesda also gave Wes the first prototype of the Power Armor helmet, signed by Bethesda’s Todd Howard.

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Of course, given that Fallout 76 is still in development, Wes was not able to keep the early version of the game that Bethesda brought to him. However, his wish to experience Fallout 76 came true, making him one of the few people outside Bethesda to see and experience the game. Wes was able to spend the entire day with the early version of Fallout 76 and his parents revealed that “it made him happier than you know.”

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Several days ago Nintendo also granted the wish of a fan from Canada that is suffering from terminal cancer. The gaming community banded together in support of Chris Taylor who recently tweeted that he was afraid that he may never get the chance to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to his illness. After hearing Chris’ situation, Nintendo Canada immediately sent two representatives to his house and allowed him to play the early version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for 3 hours.

It’s nice to hear stories of game developers going out of the way to fulfill the wishes of their fans who are suffering from terminal illnesses. Kudos to both Bethesda and Nintendo for sharing the early builds of their respective games, helping out these people in unfortunate circumstances.

Fallout 76 is slated to release on November 14, 2018, for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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