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As October edges closer, the anticipation for Call of Duty: 4 continues to heighten. Now, that are stuck in limbo between the beta and the game’s release have more information regarding Treyarch’s battle royale mode, .

In a recent interview with Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar, fans submitted various questions concerning the launch of Blackout. The one question Treyarch knew would be asked was that of where Blackout’s player count stood post-beta.

Having started with a server of 80 players, Blackout’s beta experienced mixed feedback. Although much of the feedback was positive, Treyarch received some negative feedback pertaining to the game’s pace. Treyarch immediately raised the server size to 88 players hoping it would solve the issue many were having with its slow pace.

The shift from 80 to 88 players seemed to produce positive feedback overall. Satisfied with the shift, the developers left the player count unchanged until practically the end of the beta. By only increasing the player count to 100 for a few hours, Treyarch reportedly wanted to test their servers’ capabilities and learn more information for Blackout’s launch.


When asked about Treyarch’s plans for the player count at launch, Vonderhaar responded by stating that it has not been decided yet, though he did make an effort to inform players that the 100 player lobbies held up well. Vonderhaar also thought it good to mention that the player count will not be cemented at launch and that he wants event lobbies to contain 115 players “for the fun of the lore.” The Call of Duty ‘lore’ being referred to is a running theme of the number ‘115’ in previous games. Mainly concealed as Easter eggs in various zombies modes, 115 has also been used in the name of many pack-a-punched guns.

Having ended nearly a week ago, Blackout’s beta was considered, at the very least, a mild success. Like all other betas, it was clunky at times, but this is understandable for a beta catering to such a large audience. Treyarch was quick to respond and fix issues with Blackout during the beta, and fans should expect this level of attention from the get-go. While it is difficult to imagine Blackout matching Fortnite‘s success, it has the potential to be one of the leading battle royales of 2018.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases on October 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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