Bloke From NSW Drives Star Citizen Funding Past $US200 Million | Gaming News

Star Citizen is already special for all sorts of reasons, and now we can add one more to the list: the game’s funding has surpassed $274.7 ($ ), with one Aussie driving the game past the total.

“Algared” from New South Wales was responsible for driving the crowdfunded space opera past the target, according to a letter from Star Citizen lead Chris Roberts. “To highlight just how global the support is, the person that took us past this milestone, Algared, hails from New South Wales in Australia and has been a backer since 2014,” the letter said.

The note also revealed that more than five studios with over 500 staff are working on the project, and that the “roadmap” for the completion of Squadron 42 will be released by December.

“Lastly, with ship purchasing live in 3.3, we have a full game loop with basic progression, where you have a reason to haul cargo, take missions or mine,” Roberts wrote.

Star Citizen has been in open development since 2012, with the game raising just over $US2.1 million ($2.886 million) through Kickstarter. By the middle of 2013, the game became the most successful crowdfunded project after raising more than $US15 million, and funding soared past $US50 million by the time Gamescom rolled around in 2014.

The tale of Star Citizen‘s development has been long and fascinating. Our partners over at Kotaku UK published a lengthy five-part series into the project back two years ago, before funding had soared past $US100 million.

But development has continued apace, and Star Citizen has certainly amassed a ton of A-list talent to back Squadron 42.

As much as I’d really, really wish Star Citizen would hurry up and stop adding features here and there, there’s no doubt its development has been fascinating to observe. I’m also keen to see what happens when the majority of work on Star Citizen is complete, and all that time spent adding features and finding new tools and tricks starts to become available to other developers.


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